Farmer Jane by Temra Costa

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Women everywhere are working to improve the American food system. In her new book Farmer Jane: Woman Changing the Way We Eat (2010), Temra Costa recognizes 26 such women. Inspiring stories are shared about women changing the way we eat in a variety of ways. The book is divided into six chapters to spotlight women who are: growing food in new, dynamic ways; advocating for improved food policies;  promoting local foods; creating support networks; building urban farms; or committing to farming at a young age. Every story is incredibly inspiring and informational.

Traditionally, women have been marginalized in the field of agriculture. But Costa’s book emphasizes that throughout every region of the U.S., women are using their many talents to improve our health, our lands and our future. This book demonstrates, through strong prose and stories of even stronger personalities, that individuals can make great strides towards improving our food system.

Who’s your farmer jane? Visit to submit your own story. And, thanks to Gibbs Smith for the review copy.


05 2010

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