Barnheart by Jenna Woginrich

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Many of you may already know Jenna Woginrich. She is the author of Made from Scratch, which we’ve reviewed, and Chick Days, a guide to raising chickens. She also has an immense following on her blog Cold Antler Farm, where she writes about her daily farming experiences. Now Jenna has a new book out. Barnheart is a memoir about Jenna’s experiences trying to make it as a small farmer in rural New York. She discusses trials, tribulations and the joys that come with owning livestock and trying to live a sustainable life. Jenna’s voice is always entertaining and insightful. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on her newest book.

On Amazon or at your local library.


12 2011

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    I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this book also!

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    thanks guys!

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