Last Second Christmas Gifts – It’s Not Too Late!

I know there is still someone left on your list, so here are a few book suggestions that you can order from Amazon and still get it under the tree on time. You might have to rush the shipping, but that’s better than being late!

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How about Joel Salatin’s newest work? He’s the face of sustainable agriculture and his books are always worth a read! Better yet, they are perfect gifts to introduce someone to sustainable agriculture without being overwhelming.

In case you forgot, Salatin was featured by Michael Pollan in his wonderful book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. In this book he takes a look at modern life as compared to our simpler, agrarian roots. He has a strong opinion, but I always find myself interested in what he has to say.


Speaking of Michael Pollan, what could be a better gift than his original and inspiring book, or the brand new young reader’s edition. I picked this out as a perfect gift for my young niece.

In the book, Pollan traces four different meals from farm (or factory) to plate. He includes meals from McDonald’s, conventional farms, large-scale organic farms and the aforementioned Joel Salatin’s sustainable farm in Virginia.

Its the perfect starting point for your friend who’s just getting interested in her food and it is a great reminder for your CSA-subscribing friend. This book should be required reading for everyone.

And for your history-buff, food-loving friend, a copy of Twain’s Feast is the perfect stocking stuffer. In one of my favorite books I’ve reviewed, Beahrs follows Twain along his life’s journey and tells of the foods he would have encountered. Its a far cry from today where we can eat anything at any season and encounter tens of thousands of packaged, processed foods each time we visit the grocery store. Here’s my full review.

If I didn’t include that perfect gift, just keep digging though our archives. I promise you’ll find it!
What books are you giving for Christmas?


12 2011

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  1. Dawn #

    Hi: love your blog! Love the library link too. Just wanted to say with the choices in this post, all great by the way – that I was pleasantly suprised by the young reader edition – not at all “easy read” nor does it feel condensed (though it is a bit). The adapter did a really great job on this. I especially like that Michael Pollan worked with him, and also contributed a ton of pictures which liven up the book considerably, along with some good graphs that are not boring or difficult to decipher. It’s a great choice.

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